Gulfport, Mississippi -- 2230 Beach Drive
Bill Farner
Charles Mooney
  • 100 rooms
  • swimming
  • sun bathing
  • shuffleboard
  • playground
  • lawn furniture
  • adjoining restaurant
Demolished in 2003

Like a modern Residence Inn, the Gulfport Alamo Plaza accommodated its guests with all the comforts of home in one of its many "tourist apartments." Modern operators would have us believe that they invented the "extended stay" concept, but Alamo Plaza pioneered the idea as early as 1929!

Gulfport's Alamo Plaza had the good fortune of being near a large military base and across the street from the Gulf of Mexico. Its location was no accident, for its developers/owners, Farner and Mooney, had an "in" with the local military brass. Apparently the powers that were, invoked eminent domain proceedings in order to have the Alamo Plaza constructed! The base needed additional temporary housing for troops and other visitors which the Alamo Plaza would provide. At any rate, the Plaza's location afforded it a steady stream of guests and years of profitable operation for its long-time owners.

Overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, Alamo Plaza Hotel Courts offers the best in accommodations for the vacation of a lifetime. Facing directly on the beach and U.S. Hwy. 90, Alamo Plaza has swimming, sun bathing, shuffleboard, playground, lawn furniture, room TV, color television lounge, and nearby restaurants.
In the end nothing could save it from developers' greed and lust for land. Mississippi's Gulf coast had been transformed into a nest of gambling establishments, and the local economy had been changed from restful tourism to one characterized by garish casinos. A small band of local citizens put up a fight that only forestalled the inevitable. They had attempted to halt redevelopment of the site, claiming special status for the stately Like Oaks that graced the Alamo Plaza's lawn. Alas no one saw any value in preserving the Plaza itself. Finally, the entire plot along with part of what was once an area of gracious homes was leveled in 2003 to make way for two fourteen-story exclusive 200 unit high-priced condominium towers.
Postcards: 1949, circa 1950s
Photographs: 1997, 1998, 2000