Brochure circa 1956: Kummerlowe
Little Rock, Arkansas -- 4115 New Benton Hwy (S University)

No doubt back in 1956 when this Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex opened it was with great fanfare and was welcomed by the community just southwest of Little Rock's city limits.

Interestingly, Little Rock's Motor Lodge advertised "Complete Hotel Service." It was likely an attempt to distinguish it from the roadside motels of the day, for prior to Howard Johnson's (and Holiday Inn) people had no experience with motel chains, nor lodging facilities that afforded standard quality and service. Furthermore, the Motor Lodge emphasized that it had "Ample Parking, Central Heating and Air-Conditioning (Individually Controlled), Telephones, Televisions (FREE), Piped-in Music by Muzak, Swimming Pool, Room Food Service, Laundry and Valet Service, Shuffleboards, Kiddie Playground, Teletype Service, and Round-the Clock Service." And if all of the above were not enough, It had also been approved by AAA and was certified as a Master Host to boot!

Its brochure recommended that Advance Reservations were Advised.

Though it needed no introduction, the Motor Lodge boasted that the "Nationally Famous Howard Johnson's Restaurant" was "in Connection."

It is possible that the Restaurant was sited to the left of the Motor Lodge in front of the Village Shopping Center.

1965-66 South Central AAA TourBook page 117
Postcard circa 1950s: Kummerlowe
Postcard postmarked August 15, 1965: Kummerlowe
From an architectural guide concerning motels circa 1950s (the source has been lost)
Brochure circa 1956: Kummerlowe
From an architectural guide concerning motels circa 1950s (the source has been lost)
Along with Rufus Nims, John Woodward designed the guest room layout at Little Rock. The innovative and creative room geography they devised served as the archetype of Howard Johnson's standardized guest rooms. The Howard Johnson Company used variations of their general design until the corporation was split apart by Marriott in the 1985.
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The Little Rock Howard Johnson's was well sited along and near heavily trafficked routes. The Motor Lodge was wedged to fit into an odd-sized parcel of land which was bisected by a power line, and was not far from the Little Rock Junior College now the University of Arkansas Little Rock and adjacent to The Village Shopping Center which once featured a Dimension-150 movie theater. Also nearby was the Asher Drive-In movie theater.

The early Motor Lodge lost its Howard Johnson's status during 1976 and then operated for a time as the unbranded University Inn. The complex was demolished probably during the 1990s and part of its site came to be occupied by a McDonald's/gas station/convenience store.


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