Howard Johnson's Landmark: July-August 1966, p 5
Colton, California -- 450 North Sperry
AKA San Bernardino

People make progress possible ... Mr. Smither and Gertrude Spragins, mayor pro tem of Colton, front the "human HJ" formed by city officials, business leaders and company representatives at groundbreaking ceremonies last June. Typical of the planning/groundbreaking/construction/opening cycle of our rapid expansion in the West, our new restaurant and 100-room lodge in Colton are scheduled to open by November.

The Colton Motor Lodge and restaurant was the second complete complex to open in California. With its 100 guest rooms the Motor Lodge opened in 1966 and lasted until 1993. It briefly may have operated as the San Bernardino Lodge or the Colton Inn.


Photos January 2005: Phil Edwards
Photo October 3, 2004: Kummerlowe Archive
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Photo October 3, 2004: Kummerlowe Archive

Photo 2003: Brett Lucas
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