Howard Johnson's Landmark: July 1971, p 6
Fresno, California -- 1030 N Blackstone Ave

Fresno opened June 11, 1971 and was the 33rd Howard Johnson's Restaurant in the Golden State. Built in the California or West-style, the A-frame unit lasted until 1982. Its exterior still remarkably recognizable with the center mounted cupola fins still place the former HoJo's operated as Zlfreds Family Restaurant as recently as the middle 2000s.

Above: Guys and Gals from California ... The guys from Fresno, our 33rd and newest restaurant in the state, work in a city of 100,000. Fresno's in the San Joaquin Valley, noted for raison and wine production.

Above 10-23-1973, Right 8-8-1974

Photos: Charles Hathaway
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