Photos October 4, 2004: Kummerlowe Archive
Harbor City, California
 -- 1440 W Pacific Coast Hwy

Sometimes referred to as the Wilmington Howard Johnson's, Harbor City was planned to have a complete Restaurant and Motor Lodge complex. With a projected opening date listed as the Fall of 1967, the deal fell through.

Since separate agreements and arrangements were made for the Restaurants and Motor Lodges, the Restaurant was built and served the motoring public under its Orange Roof for a number of years. By 2004 the Restaurant had been converted into a poorly run Denny's, and the spot where the Motor Lodge would have been had it been built, featured a Best Western.

Photos January 2005: Phil Edwards

Above: As a Denny's the former Howard Johnson's received a pseudo-diner door flanked by glass blocks, but at least the highly recognizable HJ stone remained in place albeit painted a dull gray.

Below: HoJo's was at the end of the rainbow!


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