Howard Johnson's Landmark: July-August 1966, p 4
Sepulveda, California -- 15421 Roscoe

The sixth restaurant in California, Sepulveda celebrated its opening on June 14, 1966. Located near the heavily trafficked intersection of Roscoe and Sepulveda, the long profitable location was closed in 1984.

Above: Family business ... Manager Earl Soller welcomes a local family to our newly opened Sepulveda restaurant in famous San Fernando valley. Dad likes the chance to play host, Mom enjoys dining out in a leisurely atmosphere and the children love the excitement and sense of adventure. Although the restaurant has been open only a few weeks, many nearby families return frequently, especially on Fish Fry and Spaghetti Dinner nights!

Above 8-9-1974, Right 6-20-1967

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Photos January 2005: Phil Edwards
Amazingly the frame and roof of the Sepulveda Restaurant remained in place even as it and the surrounding area were mutated into am automobile dealership. Considerably disguised, I passed right by it in 2004 without realizing that the restaurant's shell was still in use! Fortunately Phil Edwards caught it in his eye a couple of months after my miss, and was able to snap a few photos to document its fate.

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