Photo 2005: Phil Edwards
Diamond Bar, California -- Pomona Fwy @ Old Brea Canyon Rd
Another of Howard Johnson's large Mansard-type Restaurants, Diamond Bar was only open from about 1974 to 1977. The Burger King seen above is believed to occupy the former HJ's building or site.

Photo 2005: Phil Edwards
Glendale, California -- 2700 Colorado Blvd
Among the innovative in-mall HoJo's locations, Glendale opened the first quarter of 1974 in Eagle Rock Plaza. Developed in the era before fast-food courts, malls often featured full-service restaurants, and at least in California there were a handful of HoJo's in malls. Unfortunately Eagle Rock was never a highly successful mall. Nonetheless the Howard Johnson's remained viable until 1984. Meanwhile as the mall declined it became a Westfield property--then in the latter 2000s it was sold to Centro Watt which has facilitated its transformation into what some have dubbed a mini-Manila where most of the restaurants and stores cater to the region's Filipino population.

Photos 2005: Phil Edwards
Industry, California
 -- 461 La Puenta Mall

Another of Howard Johnson's in-mall Restaurants, the Industry Restaurant was located in La Puenta Mall. The profitable location lasted from 1974 until the Company's demise at the hands of the Mariotts in 1985.

Also called Puenta Hills Mall, changing demographics and economics resulted in a reshuffling of its retail mix during the 1990s, but during HoJo's last year in the mall, the mall itself served as the Twin Pines/Lone Pine Mall in Back to the Future!


Photo 2005: Phil Edwards
Northridge, California --9400 Reseda @ Plummer
Lasting past the break up of Howard Johnson's and into the FAI era, Northridge was a HoJo's from 1968 until roughly 1989. Since the Restaurant opened in 1968 it was most likely a Nims, and no apparent evidence exists at its former site that the building was recycled.
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