Photos 2005: Phil Edwards
Palmdale, California -- Antelope Fwy
Disguised as a Carrow's by the middle 2000s, Plamdale's exterior remained vaguely recognizable. The Restaurant lasted from 1968 to 1978 as a Howard Johnson's.

Photo 2005: Phil Edwards
Riverside, California -- Tyler Plaza
Opened in the fall of 1971, Riverside remained a Howard Johnson's into the FAI era. When it closed forever in roughly 1990, it was the second to last operating Howard Johnson's Restaurant in the Golden State. The unit was one of the early ones set up inside shopping malls in California and was apparently quite successful. FYI, Tyler Plaza has been moved upscale since its HJ's days and was re-christened The Galleria at Tyler.

San Bernardino
Photos 2005: Phil Edwards
San Bernardino, California -- 256 Central City Mall
Originally called the Central City Mall, its in-the-mall Howard Johnson's location was opened in 1974 and remained viable until its closure in 1985 at about the time of the Marriott take-over. Central City was a part of an elaborate urban renewal project which failed and the declining mall was eventually renamed before earning its "deadmall" status. Please visit these sites for commentary about Central City/Carousel Mall:,

San Clemente
Photo 2005: Phil Edwards
San Clemente, California
 -- 2350 S El Camino Real

A company owned unit, San Clemente was well-sited along I-5 and opened in 1968. With its excellent location, the Restaurant enjoyed continued success and was converted into a Big Boy in 1986 after Marriott had purchased and dismantled the Howard Johnson Company.

Right: During Marriott's departure from the restaurant business, the former HoJo's was converted into a Coco's probably in about 1990. Note the recycled Big Boy highway sign.

Above & Below: Even though the restaurant enjoyed a commanding view of I-5, it suffered from a lack of visibility from El Camino Real perhaps contributing to its closure by the middle 2000s.

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Photos 2005: Phil Edwards

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