Lobby card ca 1980: Dan Donahue
Sacramento, California -- 2300 Auburn Blvd

Dan Donahue discovered that the Sacramento HJ began life as the Caravan Inn and was listed as such in the 1966 Mobile Travel Guide. Later It affiliated itself with Albert Pick and Best Western, and did not take on the Howard Johnson name until about 1979. last 1988 194 rooms 3 floors

The only converted to HJ property in California during the Company's existence, the complex would have been a disappointment to purists since it did not offer standard Howard Johnson's design. Eventually losing the HJ name, the former non-standard location became known as the Dodge City Inn, and from there its fortunes waned. It became infamous as a site of criminal activity, and the motel was eventually shut down.

With the financial assistance of various public entities including the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency, the one time Howard Johnson's became the 146-unit Ladi Senior Apartments. Ladi opened in 2003, and was described as one of the most successful projects in the Auburn Boulevard Revitalization district.


Photos April 2005: Phil Edwards

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