Advertising card circa 1980: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
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Redwood City, California
 -- 485 Veterans Blvd

Opened in June of 1968, the 125 room Redwood City location was the site of the fourth Motor Lodge and 16th Howard Johnson's Restaurant in California. Although it was unusually designed with its "staggered" guestroom buildings, the site incorporated all of HoJo's standardized amenities.

The Motor Lodge retained its Howard Johnson name through 1994 and was then converted into an outlet of the local Good Nite Inn chain.


Photo 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photos May 2005: Courtesy of Charles Hathaway
Below: Incredibly one of the decorative and colorful faux-stained glass windows was still in place when Charles Hathaway visited the site in 2005.
Photos 2005: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
Above, Right & Below: The Redwood City Gate Lodge is one of the last few standing in California. Somewhat modified at least it was never squared off, and its interior was still nicely open--the way it was meant to be!
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