Image from a Matchbook ca. 1992

 Fredericton, New Brunswick
Trans Canada @ Princess Margaret Bridge


Fredericton built in the exaggerated Mansard-style, was likely the last standardized Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge & Restaurant constructed by Orangeroof Canada. It reportedly opened in the Summer of 1977.

Many non-Canadian companies added a Maple Leaf to their logos in order to appeal to Canadian patriotism. Other firms like 7-11, McDonald's, and Pizza Hut also boldly added a Maple Leaf into their's. Furthermore by the time Fredericton's Brochures were printed, French was required in advertisements since Canada had become officially bilingual.


 Brochures ca. 1977 & 1978

The complex featured a Howard Johnson's Coffee Shop and a separate but connected more formal Howard Johnson's Restaurant. Apparently the informal Coffee Shop served the role that the Dairy Bars normally held in the Restaurants. Note the ice cream freezer filled with consumer sized take-out cartons and note the display above the freezer with the roof-logo glasses that I presume were for sale!


 The Restaurant featured upscale furnishings reminiscent of Red Coach Grills.