Brochure circa 1979: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Kingston, Ontario -- 237 Ontario St
Opened in the fall of 1978, the Kingston complex was non-standard. Nonetheless it featured a full service Howard Johnson's Restaurant which remained open until the middle 1990s. Built adjacent to Confederation Basin and near the 1000 Islands tourist attraction, the hotel was one of the two last original Howard Johnson's operating in Ontario (2005).
Matchbook circa 1992
Note that the apostrophe 's' had been removed.

In the days before laptops, businessmen carried briefcases filled with paperwork and used the telephone! Kingston's room, although nonstandard, still felt familiar since it used the earth tone color scheme that was in common use during the late 1970s and early 1980s at HoJo's.


Welcome to Kingston
Confederation Place Hotel is good for business! Complete conference facilities, fully equipped sample rooms, and Howard Johnson's world famous hospitality combine to make your business, a real pleasure. After hours, unwind at "Whiskers Lounge." Confederation Place Hotel, located in the heart of the city. Kingston's business and pleasure revolves around us.

In addition to its Howard Johnson's name, the property was also called the Confederation Place Hotel and shared the Ottawa Howard Johnson's Capital Place Hotel's "CP" logo (seen above).

Described as "Kingston's premier night spot," the site featured lovely ladies in lavender serving libations at Whiskers Lounge.


Touting its licensed Poolside Cafe, Kingston's proprietors commissioned a special brochure insert to advertise it.

Note the attire of the female guest and of the cocktail girl ... Canada's Disco Queens, no doubt!