Photo ca. 2000s: Bob Venditti
Danbury, CT
 -- 78 Federal Road (I-84 @ U.S. 7)

The Danbury Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex opened in 1966. The Lodge offered 72 rooms in its single three floor guest building with the Lodge remaining a Howard Johnson's until 1990.

Left: Extensively modified with plenty of stucco and sans Gate Lodge, only the general shape of the guest building remained vaguely recognizable.

Photos May 19, 2001: Kummerlowe Archive

By the 2000s, the former Howard Johnson's complex had endured many changes. It's restaurant had been significantly altered, and had been vacated by 2001. Meanwhile the former Motor Lodge operated as a Days Inn, and then a Best Inn & Suites before becoming a Quality Inn & Suites by the middle 2000s.

Note that the the "prairie-fied" Restaurant had been converted into a Bennigan's by the middle 2000s. However that chain suffered during its ownership by a private equity group which piled it with debt to enrich its own pocket book resulting in Bennigan's bankruptcy and the closure of the Danbury outlet (Bennigan's franchisees have lived on to see a few more days but the company operated units were all closed).

Photos May 2007: Phil Edwards

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