Postcard ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Hartford, Connecticut
 -- 7 Weston Street 
Hartford's Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex was the Constitution State's 6th. When it opened in 1963, it followed in Darien's lead to be a fully modern and standardized facility. Built along the North Meadows Expressway or I-91 on the north side of Hartford's downtown, the 80 guest room Lodge and Restaurant was visible from either direction on the highway.

Having relinquished the Howard Johnson's brand in about 1990, the Lodge lingered on briefly without its famous name. Meanwhile the Restaurant under the careful stewardship of long-time licensee Donald Christie (see Waterbury and Mystic) continued as a Howard Johnson's well into the middle 1990s. Cashing in after 1995, the entire site was razed and replaced with auto dealerships. Reportedly Mr. Christie moved Hartford's backbar mirror to Mystic (now demolished too).

MSN satellite view ca. 1990s
Lobby card ca. 1980s: Dan Donahue

Photo May 2007: Phil Edwards

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