Billboards circa 1940s: Courtesy of Mark Ihrie
Branford, Connecticut -- 636 West Main Street
AKA Branford Heights

A licensed location, Branford was among the first group of Howard Johnson's Restaurants in Connecticut. Probably opened in 1937, by the late 1940s its owner was John S. Saxton. Later the Restaurant became a part of the Carter family mini-HoJo's empire.

The unit remained a HoJo's until 1985 when it was converted into a Ground Round. In the early 2000s George Carter sold or leased the building and it became the Cookhouse Restaurant.


Photograph March 21, 2001
Photographs 2002: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
Above: Note that the Ground Round sign was just the recycled circa 1970s Howard Johnson's "roof logo" road sign.
Photograph courtesy of Phil Edwards
Photograph 2002