Stratford, Connecticut
 -- 360 Honeyspot Road

A classic highway-style property, the Stratford Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex was situated on a parcel of land immediately facing I-95. Motorists traveling on New England's busiest highway artery could not have missed the gleaming Orange Roofs of Stratford after it had opened in August of 1966.

Lasting nearly three decades, the 90+ guest room Motor Lodge had become unbranded by 1996. Placed adjacent to the Motor Lodge, the Stratford HoJo's Restaurant was located at 300 Honeyspot Road. Although partially recognizable by the early 2000s, the former HoJo's had become greatly altered and housed a gas distributor.

Stratford, Connecticut Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant
Photos October 2002: Phil Edwards

Higher: Head on the Restaurant retained its familiar shape and "arizona cactus" stone.

Above: Severely altered to say the least, the former Restaurant had sprouted a two story addition when it was recycled.

Photos March 2003: Bob Venditti

News report October 18, 2006:


Honey of a Tight Spot... Convenient Interstate access that had been the Stratford HoJo's boon had become its bust by the middle 2000s. After the property abandoned the Howard Johnson's brand it was converted into the Honeyspot Motor Lodge--named for the road it was on. At first the former Howard Johnson's carried on almost as if it still still had its Orange Roof. However as time passed, the luster faded and its once typical highway clientele lodged elswhere.

To its detriment, the easy access to I-95 and a lack of concern by its owner allowed for the property to attract a criminal element. According to its neighbors, news, and police reports, the Motor Lodge became a hotspot for drug dealing and prostitution. With townsfolk threatening a petition to shut the Lodge down, local television station WTNH set out to investigate.

Below: WTNH reporter Kent Pierce speaks to "Jay" Patel owner of the Honeyspot. Mr. Patel, who claimed to speak little English, said that the problems at his motel were not caused by the guests or him, rather they were the result of people off the highway who used the parking lot to conduct criminal activities. Patel's other motel properties have also had problems with illegal activities, but he claims that by making them into franchises with lights, cameras, and security guards that all will be better.

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