Postcard ca. 1970: Lamplighter Room -- Kummerlowe Archive

Introduced in the late 1960s, Howard Johnson's offered all you can eat specials "coast-to-coast." Every Monday was Chicken Fry and Wednesday was Fish Fry. Both meals included french fries and cole slaw. The tent card seen on the tables in the post card dates from about 1970 and featured a whimsical likeness of a chicken and fish advertising the all you can eat meals.

Especially note the detail at left. The illuminated Yellow Roof of the Newark Horne's Motor Lodge is clearly evident through the Lamplighter room's front window.



The Restaurant remained a Howard Johnson's until the middle 1990s, and then was converted into a Friendly's.

Note the "pillars" flanking the main entrance and their similarity to the ones found at Claymont.

Photo June 25, 1999: Kummerlowe Archive
Brochure circa: Dan Donahue
Photos: Phil Edwards

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