Wilmington-Kirkwood, DE
 --4579 Kirkwood Hwy


This Delaware free-standing Wilmington area HJ outlet opened in about 1961, which was during HoJo's heyday. Even into the start of the 2000s the Restaurant retained its Howard Johnson's atmosphere and offered classic HoJo's fare like fish and clam fry specials!

The Wilmington-Kirkwood franchise was last owned by Harry Bissell, who had also owned or had interest in at least four Howard Johnson's Restaurants and one Motor Lodge, one of which was the Restaurant in Claymont.

RIGHT: Wilmington-Kirkwood Hwy's road sign was among the last extent "Roof Logo" signs which had been initially installed during the 1970s.
Photos 1999 & 2000: Kummerlowe

ABOVE & BELOW: These two quick night shots were taken following a detour off of I-95 en route by rental car from Philadelphia to my aunt's apartment in Bealton, Virginia. I had just attended Preserving the Recent Past II Conference in Philadelphia at the PSFS building (October 11-13, 2000 see below for info-links).

The conference, part of a series, served to inspire and propel me to further my effort to document our collective 20th century roadside commercial architecture. A pantheon of notable speakers presented on many topics and I had the district pleasure of having met the renowned photographer, John Margolies!. Moreover, a highlight of the conference was an excursion led by Isley's and diner expert, Brian Butko, who guided our group on a tour of vintage and still viable diners in and around Philadelphia.

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BELOW: Alas, Mr. Bissell converted the location into his own creation called Crossroads Restaurant, and chopped off the welcoming HJ Beacon and then painted the once gleaming roof a dull, drab, and uninspiring green.

Photographs 2003: Phil Edwards
ABOVE: Even as the Orange was "bleeding through," a patron or a passerby was using the location's pay phone! Pay phones like HoJo's are now a thing of the past...

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