Dutch Pantry in Illinois:
Altamont Chicago Greenup Rock Falls Springfield
Locations listed are from various sources and represent an incomplete accounting.

Photos July 2004: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
3061 E Mill Dr (S.R. 128 & 25)

A classic Dutch Pantry, the unit in Altamont featured two dining sections flanking a country store merchandising area that sold take home candy and gift items. Propaganda of the day stated that Dutch Pantry Restaurants transported a picturesque patch of Pennsylvania Dutch country and offered hearty home cooking.

After the chain ceased to exist, Altamont retained its appearance albeit painted in different colors. It was operated as Longhorn Restaurant & Saloon and then more recently as Randy's Family Sports Pub.

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Photos July 2004: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
201 N Haughton Hwy

Like most of the earlier Dutch Pantrys, the one in Greenup was also a filling station. Thus it was a convenient stop for motorists--offering food, gas, and gifts.

The unit was apparently not owned by SOHIO's Hospitality Motor Inns subsidiary and was perhaps company owned or a franchised outlet. Based on the photographs, it likely survived past Dutch Pantry's 1980s corporate death and carried on as an independent. Incredibly its general appearance and lightly disguised towering highway sign remained!


Above: Perhaps the Dutch Pantry offered Shell gas as evidenced by the topless Shell sign tower behind the restaurant?

Right: Slightly modified, an original Dutch-esque light standard remained in use and exemplified the attention to detail that Dutch Pantry employed to further its theme.

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