Dutch Pantry in the Virginias:
Charlottesville, Virginia  
Williamstown, West Virginia  
Please note that locations listed above are from various sources and represent an incomplete accounting.

Postcard ca. 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive
Charlottesville -- 1615 Emmet St. (U.S. 29)
The Charlottesville Dutch Pantry had a plum location at the intersection of U.S. 29 where it met Charlottesville's bypass route. A Best Buy was built at the former Dutch Pantry's site.
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Photos November 2003: Courtesy of Phil Edwards
1349 Highland Ave (I-77 @ SR 31)

The Dutch Pantry that Time Forgot: Opened by Hospitality Motor Inns during the 1970s while they were expanding their franchise, the Williamstown Dutch Pantry somehow survived ownership changes and the turbulent dissolution of the chain.

As of the early 2000s it was one of only three intact original Dutch Pantrys known to exist (Clearfield and DuBois were the others).

Left: Operating in a time warp, Williamstown's trapezoid windmill street-level sign beckoned patrons as recently as 2003.

Update: Chris M. reported that as of September 2008 Williamstown was still a fully operating Dutch Pantry and noted that "the food was very good and the pricing was spectacular." --Thanks Chris!
Food & Gifts Galore
Pennsylvania Dutch Style:

Nearly all of Dutch Pantry's elements remained intact at Williamstown.
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