Postcards circa 1960s: Kummerlowe
Albany, Georgia --303 E Oglethorpe Blvd.
Believed to have opened in 1957, it is likely that the site's Restaurant was operating earlier than the Motor Lodge. Along what became the "old road," U.S. 19, Albany was bypassed by the Interstate system and relinquished its Orange Roof in about 1974.
Photographs September 29, 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs 2000s: Bob Venditti
Photograph: Dan Donahue
Photographs September 29, 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs 2000s: Bob Venditti

Higher: Configured in an "L," one section of the Motor Lodge's guest buildings offered a set of three large windows for each room which faced the parking lot, but the other side of the buildings had neither patios/balconies nor even windows.

Above & Below: The site had an unusual guest building featuring an interestingly funky-patterned parking lot facing side.

Lower: Only one of the guest buildings was of a conventional and largely standardized design and its guests once enjoyed patios/balconies with what was once a view of the property's swimming pool.

Photograph September 29, 2002: Phil Edwards
By the late 2010s, the Restaurant had been demolished and a Family Dollar was built in its former spot.
Google 3D view 2018

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