Postcard circa 1970s: Phil Edwards
Brunswick (In-Town) -- 3302 Glynn Ave (U.S. 17)

Opened in the spring of 1969, the Brunswick Motor Lodge and Restaurant Complex was just a few miles north of an already existing free standing Restaurant along U.S. 17. Since I-95 was not completed for several years Brunswick In-Town managed to hang on until 1979!

Following its Orange Roofed days the property was converted into a Holiday Inn, a Quality Inn, the Brunswick Hotel, and in its final guise operated as the Golden Isles Inn.

BELOW: When the property was converted into a Holiday Inn, the A-Frame Gate Lodge was demolished but the "T"-type Restaurant and Rum Keg Lounge were boxed in and repurposed.
Photographs 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs February 2003: Bob Venditti
YouTube video 2014: Cynthia Moore
YouTube video 2016: "quad8"

Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
Matchbook circa 1980: Kummerlowe
Brunswick (I-95)
 -- 25 Tourist Drive

Opened in the Spring of 1973, The Brunswick Motor Lodge and Restaurant Complex was a "Mansard Manor" which offered 96 guest rooms.

Its Restaurant became a Big Boy after HoJo's 1986 demise and was subsequently demolished or converted into a Shoney's. The Motor Lodge became a Red Roof Inn sometime after the middle 1990s.

LEFT: It is believed that both Savannah-Gateway and Brunswick I-95 were owned by the same franchisee, or were closely linked company owned outlets.
Photographs 2002: Phil Edwards
Photograph February 2003: Bob Venditti
Photograph April 2003: Kummerlowe
Photograph February 2003: Bob Venditti
AAA Tourbook 1989 page A41: Kummerlowe
Postcard circa 1980s: Kummerlowe
BELOW: The Motor Lodge featured "Family Rooms" with three double beds.

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