Postcard circa 1970s: Dan Donahue
Cartersville, Georgia --2335 Highway 411 (@ I-75)

Opened in 1973, the 96 room complex was ideally sited to capture traffic as it was deposited off of I-75 onto the old highway before the Interstate was completed during the 1970s. The site retained its Orange Roof well into the 1980s.

After it was a Howard Johnson's it became a Masters Inn and then later was independent. The site's Restaurant operated as a Waffle House for a number of years even as its roof was greatly altered.

Photographs 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs April 30, 2005: Kummerlowe
Google Street and 3D Views

ABOVE: A HoJo's 1970s era ghost sign remained for motorists to see exiting southbound I-75.

BELOW: The Restaurant and Mansard lobby were demolished and the property became a Motel 6.


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