Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe
Cordele -- 1706 E 16th Ave (I-75 @ U.S. 280)

One in a string of Howard Johnson's locations along I-75 in the Peach State, Cordele's Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex was opened during the height of HoJo's middle 1960s expansion.

Cordel's Motor Lodge is believed to have lost its Howard Johnson's name in about 1974 while the Restaurant remained under its Orange Roof until the early 1980s.

BELOW: The lobby building with several guest rooms facing U.S. 280 was built when the site was converted into a Hampton Inn during the 1980s. Later the former Motor Lodge became a Best Western.

Photograph 2002: Phil Edwards
Photograph March 2003: Kummerlowe

Following its conversion into a BW, the guest wing's parking lot side continued to wear its Hampton Inn facade while the pool side was little altered along with the unstuccoed brick at the end of the building.

BELOW: Early advertisements for Cordele touted its "Astroturf Putting Green."

Photograph 2002: Phil Edwards
Photographs 2016: Paul Hodges
Photographs March 2003: Kummerlowe
Photograph March 2003: Dan Donahue
Photograph 2016: Paul Hodges

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