Gainesville, Florida
-- 3461 S.W. Williston Rd (@ I-75)

Built in 1966 along I-75, the complex had excellent visibility from the Interstate. Located on the south side of Gainesville, guests were offered 100 standardized and modern rooms.

Probably lasting as a Horne's until the later 1970s, the motor lodge had been converted into the unbranded Cindy's Budget Motel by the early 1980s. As Cindy's the motel's sign appeared to have been recycled--suggesting that the property had been a Days Inn. Subsequently the former Horne's was operated as a Red Carpet Inn, Howard Johnson, and most recently as a Travelodge.

Below: While Cindy's Budget Motel, the steeply pitched lobby roof was painted a muted blue.
Horne's Motor Lodge and Restaurant: Gainesville Florida
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive
Postcard postmarked 5-28-82: Larry Passaro
Postcard postmarked 8-13-85: Larry Passaro
Photos June 2007: Bob Venditti
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive
Postcard circa 1970s: Larry Passaro
Photos June 2007: Bob Venditti
Bob Venditti who was a guest at Gainesville's former Horne's in the summer of 2007 wrote that it was "not too bad inside or out, with minimal remodeling." He added that it was not original as the Ocala Horne's. However based on that property's decline that's probably a good thing.
Above & Lower: Gainesville's lobby remained remarkably intact, and interestingly featured palm trees that appeared to grow through the roof on both sides of the building!
Below: Not having been a Horne's for many years, the former restaurant housed a Western store.
Photos May 2010: Bob Venditti
Like so many other roadside hospitality complexes, Gainesville's former Horne's after having survived through several recyclings will likely soon see the wrecker's ball. Bob Venditti who last documented the Gainesville site in 2007 with an overnight, spied on the ex-Horne's during May of 2010 and found it fenced off and closed with some room windows boarded up.

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