Horne's Locations in Georgia:
Atlanta-North Atlanta Cecil Jesup Riceboro Valdosta
Atlanta-South Augusta Hampton Perry Tifton Woodbine
Locations listed above are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Brochure view circa 1980s: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Atlanta-North, Georgia  -- 2820 Chamblee Tucker Rd.
Dating from the late 1960s, the Horne's on Atlanta's north side became the North Executive Inn by the middle 1970s. The property was converted into a Quality Inn and Flavors Restaurant and Lounge operated and managed by Wolray Hotels Inc. during the early 1980s. A Motel 6 held the address of the former Horne's during 2007.
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Brochure views circa 1970s: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Atlanta-South, Georgia
-- 4772 S. Expressway (I-75 Frontage Rd.)

Located just south of a free-standing Howard Johnson's restaurant, the Atlanta-South Horne's was built in the middle to late 1960s. Highway realignment eliminated easy access for its guests and likely facilitated the property's decline.

Possibly branded as a Red Carpet Inn (based on the "candle" sign) after the Horne's chain became defunct, the site was reborn as Kings Motor Inn and Market Basket Restaurant. Long lived, the former Horne's continued to serve lodgers as the The Kings Inn into the late 2000s.

Left: Kings Motor Inn sign from the 1970s was perhaps a recycled red Carpet Inn "flickering candle" sign.
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Photos May 2005: Kummerlowe Archive
Cecil -- I-75 @ Old Coffee Rd
Not listed in any available Horne's directory there was nonetheless a Horne's highway stop location in the vicinity of Cecil! Evidence at the scene indicated that entrepreneurs had once had high hopes for the development of roadside business success at the I-75 exit which served the sleepy hamlet of Cecil, Georgia. However by the middle 2000s nothing viable appeared to remain. At one time in addition to the Horne's there had been a motel, campground, and at least a couple of service stations.
Above: Only the concrete from the gas pump area as well as the asphalt which marked the parking lot and driveways remained.
Below & Lower: Nearly overgrown and faded away, the Horne's highway sign featured a simplified circa 1960s crown.
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Photograph October 2005: Courtesy of Robby Delius
Jesup -- U.S. 301
Believed to have been the Jesup Horne's, the early highway stop was likely built in the 1950s and generally a resembled Stuckey's of that earlier era. Homey, but with its steeply pitched and eye-catching yellow roof, Horne's locations were both easily spotted and welcoming to weary travelers.
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Postcard circa 1970s: Courtesy of Larry Passaro
Valdosta, Georgia -- 4598 N. Valdosta Road
The Horne's Motor Lodge and Restaurant at Valdosta became the unbranded Valdosta Inn during the latter 1970s. Then it was rebranded during the 1980s as a Comfort Inn which was owned and operated by Williams Properties based in Adele, Georgia. Its restaurant became Mamas Table Restaurant and Mobile gas was available 24-hours a day. In 2007 the site had become a Days Inn.
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