Horne's in Ontario:
Newcastle Trenton West Lorne
Please note that locations listed above are from Horne's directories and other sources.

Postcard circa 1970: Kummerlowe Archive
Ontario -- Trenton or West Lorne

Franchised in Canada as Horne's Restaurants, LTD. only three locations were built. Each featured a standard building topped with an eye-catching yellow roof, Circus Grille, Candy Shoppe, and filling station. The move into Canada was part of Greyhound's (owner of Horne's during the 1960s) plan to expand Horne's reach, and at the time Ontario seemed to be a logical place of growth since the province (and much of Canada for that matter) hardly appeared foreign. In fact, the border was more or less porous and history as well as cultural values connected the United States and Canada much more closely than today.

The Horne's locations in Ontario likely did not last long, and by the later 1970s had ceased to exist.

Above: Either Trenton or West Lorne, the Horne's in the postcard showed that it catered to truckers as well as motorists.

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Photos courtesy of Debra Jane Seltzer
Newcastle -- 3420 Hwy. 35, 115 (near Conc. Rd. 3)

Each of the three Ontario Horne's were built either along or near the MacDonald Cartier Freeway (Highway 401). The Newcastle unit was located north of 401 between Orono and Newcastle on the main route to Peterborough. Well sited, the former Horne's was converted into a local family type eatery called the Forum Restaurant.

Above: Note that the original eye-catching yellow roof tiles were replaced with metal roofing material that was also yellow, and that the Forum continued to use the Horne's crown albeit in pink!

Left & Above: Both of Newcastle's signs were recycled, and remarkably the oval sign remained complete topped with its stylized crown!
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