Fort Wayne Indiana Howard Johnson's
Fort Wayne City Directory 1976 p. 83: Thelma Riehle
Fort Wayne, Indiana -- 4606 State Road 930

Fort Wayne was home to the first Howard Johnson's Restaurant in the Hoosier State. That Colonial style restaurant lasted from the 1940s until about 1960. Then in 1963 the Motor Lodge seen on this page along with its adjacent Nims derived Restaurant was opened. Perhaps the complex was initially well sited, but by the early 2000s its area had become "heavy industrial" dominated by workshops, junk yards, and railroad tracks.

The complex's Nims derived Restaurant was unattached to the Motor Lodge and had been to the left of the Gate Lodge. The structure is believed to have been demolished during the 1990s.

Photos August 2004: Phil Edwards

After its HoJo's days the Motor Lodge may have been a Ramada for a period of time prior to slapping up a Travelodge sign. During its stint as a Travelodge the property's office moved from the Gate Lodge into the first guest building. Freed up from its lobby duties the Gate Lodge was expanded slightly, gutted, and re-made into a natatorium of sorts--bizarre to say the least.

In sad condition and in a not so good area, the property was unable to maintain even the minimalist standards required by Wyndham's Travelodge brand and became the unaffiliated Travelers Inn by the late 2000s. Note that since these photos were taken the first guest building where the office was relocated has been further altered with an unsightly portico facing the Lincoln Highway.

Fort Wayne Yellow Pages 1976 p. 255: Thelma Riehle