Photos ca. 1990s: Tim & Tom Bernert
Meanwhile, Howard D. Johnson having seen the propaganda from the great beyond was spinning in his grave! Surely he would never have allowed for such denigration in standards, much less the annihilation of his once cutting edge hospitality empire--too bad that his now elderly son, Howard B. Johnson, never stepped in to save the day or revive HJ's proper place in the pantheon of great American-ness--tisk, tisk...

Faded Glory: The Speedway Motor Lodge retained it's HJ name for more than thirty years, but by the end it was far from the ultimate in luxury.

Created in 1991 by the Blackstone Group-HFS shysters, the HoJo Inn moniker supposedly denoted a property which was "the best in economy lodging from Howard Johnson."


Photos Sept. 2003: Heath Gross
Having abandoned the Orange Roof, Speedway played the Blackstone-HFS-Cendant-Wyndham name game and slapped up a Super 8 Motel sign by the early 2000s (note that by the latter 2000s, Wyndham had stricken the term "motel" from the Super 8 brand!). Spied by Heath Gross, he noted that the property was in deplorable condition and discovered that one wing of the former Motor Lodge was closed and screened by lattice.
Photos July 2004: Phil Edwards