Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge and Restaurant Michigan City Indiana
Brochure ca. 1960s: Dan Donahue
Michigan City-East, IN
  -- 4128 S Franklin St 

Initially the Howard Johnson Company planned to have a franchised location operating in Michigan City as early as 1962, but those plans apparently fell through, for the Michigan City Motor Lodge/Restaurant complex did not open until 1969.

The classic highway type facility featured both a signature A-frame Gate Lodge and Nims derived Restaurant. Both structures were demolished and at some point the Motor Lodge was recycled into a Hampton Inn. Having become poorly rated by the late 2000s, it became a Quality Inn.


Above: An example of one of Michigan City's classic guest rooms with its standardized late 1960s amenities and decor.

Below & Lower: Set in the Northland, Michigan City was built with an indoor all-weather swimming pool. Note that in its first iteration, the pool building was likely near the front of the property and offered walls of glass to promote the experience of being outside while in! Thus in the dead of winter, bundled up snow-machiners could gape at the scantily clad bathers and vice-versa. By its Hampton Inn days, the considerably smaller replacement pool structure at the rear of the site had few such windows on the world--no doubt to reduce the costs associated with winter heating!


Photos 2004: Dan Donahue
Photos 2004 : Phil Edwards