Photo ca. 2003: Phil Edwards
Photos August 2003: Heath Gross
Columbus, Indiana
 -- 2315 West Jonathan Moore Pike

Located on the way to Brown County State Park, a mecca for campers and landscape artists alike, the Columbus Restaurant celebrated its grand opening on June 23, 1966.

The classic mid 1960s Nims-type Howard Johnson's Restaurant remained remarkably intact serving diner fare as Riviera Family Restaurant as recently as the middle 2000s. However by the end of the first decade of the 21st century the old HoJo's had become Dimitris Restaurant and rendered unrecognizable save for the building's general shape. Alas, even the larger-than-life Trapezoid street sign was removed.

Photos ca. 2003: Phil Edwards
Photo ca. 2003: Phil Edwards
Photo August 2003: Heath Gross
Photo ca. 2003: Phil Edwards

Above: Columbus was largely intact with its porcelain enamel roof tiles (though painted) and circa 1970s beacon base.

Below: Unremarkable and unrecognizable, Columbus was morphed into Dimitris with its roof line hidden by a wall-facade.

Google Street View ca. 2009 (