Brochure circa 1970s: Donahue Collection
3 Penny Inn
Bowling Green, Kentucky
 --4617 Scottsville Rd

Opened June 14, 1974, the Bowling Green 3 Penny Inn was an example of the Howard Johnson Company's attempt to create a budget lodging segment. The concept was envisaged to provide basic essentials and to broaden the scope of Howard Johnson's lodging facilities and meet the needs of budget minded travelers.

Unfortunately for its forward looking creators, the Arab Oil embargo and subsequent "energy crisis" coincided with the concept's introduction and Company support for the project was withdrawn.

March 29, 1974 Interim Report: Howard Johnson Company
Brochure circa 1970s: Donahue Collection
Postcard circa 1970s: Kummerlowe

Only four 3 Penny Inns were opened and all were operated by the Company. The first was in New Paltz, New York and was a conversion of an existing motel. Of the three that were purpose built only the Bowling Green property remained extant into the 2010s and had been branded and expanded as a Days Inn (not to be confused with the original Days Inn and Tasty World Restaurant at the same exit now at 181 Cumberland Trace that was operating as an Econo Lodge).

Above Postcard Caption: 3 - Penny Inn A good place to stay. Where Senior Citizens meet. Location I-65 and 231 - Exit 22, Bowling Green, Ky. 42101. Phone 1-502-781-6470.

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