1984 AAA Tourbook page A14
Cave City, Kentucky --822 Mammoth Cave St

With its extra-large Mansard Restaurant, Cave City was set to open for business in the summer of 1972. It was located to capture tourists seeing the sites near Cave City itself and especially to capture business from those people headed to Mammoth Cave. It was only a Howard Johnson's for a scant five years, for by 1977 it was no longer listed in directories.

Following its brief life as a Howard Johnson's, Cave City became the Oasis Motor Inn and Restaurant. By 1992 it had become rebranded as a Days Inn advertising itself with an indoor pool. It lasted as a Days Inn for nearly ten years. Then Cave City's original Holiday Inn, which had been on borrowed time for a number of years as a Holiday Inn Express and then became a Quality Inn, stole the Days Inn brand from the former Howard Johnson's which itself became an outlet of America's Best Value Inn!

Brochure circa 1980: Donahue Collection
1987 AAA Tourbook page A18
Photographs 2003: Phil Edwards
Photographs April 22, 2004: Kummerlowe
The one-time HoJo's Restaurant continued to operate as the Oasis Restaurant even after the former Motor Lodge became a Days Inn during the early 1990s. Subsequently the Mansard Manor played host to a number of restauranteurs. According to the America's Best Value Inn website it became El Patron Family Restaurant.

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