Brochure circa 1970s: Kummerlowe
Louisville, Kentucky --802 Eastern Pkwy

Louisville's Eastern Parkway Restaurant was the first Howard Johnson's in the Commonwealth. Opened in 1952, it was owned by Albert Entwistle Sr. who was a founder of the Louisville & Jefferson County Convention & Visitors Bureau. The Entwistle family grew their HoJo's holdings into a mini-empire of Orange Roofs to include Motor Lodges and Restaurants in both Louisville and Lexington.

Following Eastern Parkway's Howard Johnson's days, its space became a Blue Boar Cafeteria. The store-front location retained its Orange Roof tiles and lasted as a Blue Boar until 1999. The iconic cafeteria chain itself lasted 72 years with its final Kentucky outlet having been closed in the summer of 2003. Subsequently the former HoJo's was divided into Heitzman's Bakery and Liquor World.

1987 AAA Tourbook page A37
Photographs 2003: Phil Edwards
Above & Below: The circa 1960s Howard Johnson's trapezoid street sign was recycled to advertise the Blue Boar Cafeteria.
Photographs 2003: Heath Gross
Photographs 2003: Phil Edwards
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Photograph October 23, 2009: W. Marsh (from flickr)

The small strip mall known as Dahlem Center where the first Blue Grass State's Howard Johnson's had been located was largely demolished and rebuilt at the end of the aughts. Its primary tenant, a Walgreens, came to enjoy a new building upon the foundation of the former HoJo's.

Higher: Dahlem Center prior to its rebuilding.

Below: With the former Howard Johnson's demolished Walgreens came to rest in it former prime corner.

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