Howard Johnson's Landmark: September 1968, page 1
Burlington, Massachusetts -- 98 Middlesex Turnpike

This Howard Johnson's complex opened in early 1968, and its attached Restaurant was featured as a new design that had been adopted by the company. The design, having been introduced in the South a couple of years earlier, was actually based on Howard Johnson's "Concept '65 prototype (see Nashua, Plattsburg, and Glens Falls)--albeit scaled down. Highlights included an A-frame entry, cathedral ceiling, antiqued copper hood, and "a Johnson's Girl's dream--an open pantry! Hundreds of the design were built including the newer Mansard type which used the same layout.

Oddly the Restaurant's exterior was not fully photographed in the Landmark even as it was described as a "New Link--New Look."

By the 2000s nothing remained to remind the casual observer that there had once been a Howard Johnson's complex at the site.

Postcard circa 1970s: Courtesy of Jack Sheppard

Photographs 1996: Courtesy of Nate Coggeshall-Beyea