Danvers-Salem, Mass.
 --65 Newbury St


A four floor 110 guest room modern Mansard Manor, Danvers opened in the middle 1970s during a flurry of expansion and remained a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge until 1992.

Subsequently the property became a Motel 6. A September 19, 2015 check on the Motel 6 website indicated that the motel was "sold out" for room bookings--most likely meaning that the property had lost its status as a Motel 6.

The latest from Nate!
  What we have here is a completely intact Mansard roof complex, though the restaurant entrance has been heavily altered. The restaurant last served as Brutole Restaurant, but it is now closed. You can even see some orange bleeding through the now peeling urban white paint coat, which is a tell-tale sign of its former life.
Lobby card ca. 1970s: Dan Donahue

Lobby card ca. 1970s (detail): Dan Donahue
September 18, 2015: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea

The site's attached Restaurant may have been converted into a Ground Round after only a brief stint as a Howard Johnson's Restaurant in the 1970s. Then during the Motor Lodge's waning days as a HoJo's in the early 1990s, the restaurant was operated as Thackeray's Table and Tap Restaurant and Lounge.

At some point the once Orange Mansard Roofed Restaurant became Brutole Restaurant. The Italian themed eatery was closed without warning on Feb. 5, 2014--its owners had failed to pay the town a $4,600 liquor license fee, and were nearly $12,000 in arrears for electric and water utilities. As of September 2015 the Restaurant remained vacant.

Postcard ca. 1970s: Nate Coggeshall-Beyea

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