Postcard circa 1966
Fall River-Somerset, Massachusetts -- 1878 Wilbur Ave

Brochure circa 1990s

Opened in 1965, the Fall River or Somerset Howard Johnson's has seen its share of changes over the years. The old Motor Lodge remained largely intact -- even with a recognizable A-frame Gate Lodge until relatively recently. Even in its early Quality Inn state, the roof line could still be discerned. However by 2005 the Gate Lodge's distinctive shape could no longer be seen as its exterior had been boxed in.

While the guest rooms lost their sliders and several other key HoJo's features, many of the units retained original glass shower doors. Moreover, a newer but original HoJo's guest wing featured nonstandard bathrooms. With its many innovative features, Howard Johnson's was ahead of its time and Motor Lodges like Somerset have been able to enjoy life after the Orange Roof and still offer modern lodging services.

Note that the friendly staff afforded Dan and I an extensive tour of the Somerset HoJo's turned Quality Inn.

Photographs October 31, 2005

Located immediately along the Interstate and at the east bound exit, Motorists did not miss Somerset's once gleaming Orange Roofs!

The Restaurant has been converted several times and has lost its easy recognizability to the casual observer. In 2005 it was being converted once again and had been gutted. Note that its "Arizona cactus" stone wall was still extant, but not much else.