Postcard views courtesy of James Pierotti
Hingham, Massachusetts -- 428 Lincoln St (Rt 3)

James Pierotti reported that originally a Dutchland Farms was at the site of what became the Hingham Red Coach Grill. He added that during its hey-day, the Hingham Restaurant was the place to be seen and featured a lively cocktail lounge. Mr. Pierotti has written a book about Hingham that includes a chapter with information about the Red Coach Grill. The book has been published by Arcadia Publishing and is available for $19.95 on their website.

Note that the older postcard view seen above depicts a very different looking building than the later view, and that the "original" restaurant structure was likely demolished in order to make way for the newer looking building.


Although still recognizable from the outside, the former Red Coach's interior was completely altered for its conversion into a 99 Restaurant.
Photograph circa 2002: Courtesy of Larry Nelson
Photographs October 30, 2005