The Howard Johnson's Restaurant at 500 Boylston Street was to be a new concept in interior design and a tribute to Boston's revitalization efforts! The HoJo's was planned to occupy 5,000 square feet on the first floor of a new multimillion dollar office complex.

Billed as a prototype location, it was the first Howard Johnson's to have been opened in downtown Boston in over 20 years. The interior design "combined elegant decor with the most modern furnishings and equipment." Planned to offer patrons "luxury-type dining at moderate prices," the interior was outfitted with "rich wall paneling, an unusually decorative ceiling and lighting fixtures." The dining room seated 140 and 28 people could enjoy that many flavors at the dairy bar.

Howard Johnson's Landmark: Oct-Nov 1963; page 1
Howard Johnson's Landmark: June 1966; page 1
MODERN . . . yet reminiscent of yesteryear. White and beige marbleized counter, brick-red tile and stylized back bar valance bring back memories of that happy meeting place, the friendly old-time drugstore and ice cream parlor.
DIOR-DESIGN . . . Johnson Girls at 500 Boylston have received many compliments on our new uniforms now being use-tested.

While the proposed opening was set to be in mid 1965, the project was not finished until about May of 1966. At a pre-opening reception, Howard B. Johnson greeted guests, local dignitaries, and members of the press in order to mark the exciting new Restaurant.

In its completed form the new HoJo's was described to have been a concept that differed from roadside units and was "admirably suited to the more sophisticated metropolitan atmosphere" in which it was operating. The middle 1960s marked a time in American history where urban areas suffered from considerable decay, and urban planning and revitalization were buzz words of the era. Howard Johnson's jumped on the bandwagon and proclaimed in its announcement about the opening of 500 Boylston, that "We're with it!"

CIRCA 1728 . . . ye olde map of Boston towne has been faithfully reproduced to highlight a section of the main dining area. Our architects and interior design department worked together to create a leisurely mood, an oasis, for one of the city's busiest streets.