The Boston Post: Wed. Morning Ed., Nov. 18, 1942: page 18
Boston -- 123 Summer Street (between South and Lincoln)
Opened at the onset of World War II, Boston's storefront HoJo's Restaurant on Summer Street was said to be "enroute to the South Station and department store section of the city."

The Howard Johnson Scoop: September, 1949, page 6
Boston -- 130 Bolylston Street
Converted by licensee Paul Hebert in 1949, his "intown" Howard Johnson's had been the Shangri La Restaurant. The Restaurant featured a cocktail lounge and nearly all of the food was prepared behind the counter in plain view of its patrons.

Boston -- 162 Tremont Street
Licensee James Phelan of Lynn, Massachusetts operated the Tremont Street location which opened in about 1948. It was described as a "counter store," and Mr. Phelan's other vocations included being a radio/advertising executive as well as the president of Luminous Engineering Company.
The Howard Johnson Scoop: September, 1949, page 7

The Boston Post: Wed. Morning Ed., Nov. 18, 1942: page 18
Boston - Newspaper Row-- 267-275 Washington Street

Located on the street floor of the Boston Post building, the Washington Street location was the third Howard Johnson's in Boston's business district. It opened for business in November of 1942 during World War II. The Boston Post claimed that Newspaper Row, where the HoJo's had newly opened, was a part of the city where "more restaurants daily served more people than in any other section of Boston."

"The entire restaurant was conceived and is operated under the formula introduced by Johnson's along the heavily-traveled highways of the country--the finest foods prepared on the premise of each restaurant, featuring their own pastries, cakes and doughnuts, Howard Johnson's famous ice cream, fried clams and frankfurters and complete meals appetizingly served and moderately priced.

Finally, and by no means the least attraction, is the modernly equipped soda fountain where delicious sodas and sundaes are made by expert fountain employees using the justly famous Howard Johnson's ice creams of 28 flavors."
The Boston Post: Wed. Morning, Nov. 18, 1942; p. 18


The Boston Post: Wed. Morning Ed., Nov. 18, 1942: page 18
Boston - Haymarket Square
Sited at the corner of Sudbury and Washington Streets, the Haymarket Square store predated World War II. It was among the earlier Restaurants to have been opened and was listed in the circa 1937 Howard Johnson's map directory of locations.

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Boston - Kenmore Square -- 645 Beacon Street

By the 2000s little remained of licensee Paul Mangin's circa 1930s Howard Johnson's Restaurant that had been in the (now reborn) Hotel Buckminster. After the hotel was the Buckminister it was called the St. George, then it was purchased by Grahm Junior College to be used for student housing. The once fashionable and historic hotel became Leavitt Hall. Eventually the college faltered and sold the property in the late 1970s before folding. A giant landmark White Fuel sign once graced the old hotel/dorm roof.

An alumnus of Grahm Junior College discovered the Simple Simon and the Pieman inset in Terrazzo under a door mat at the Brookline Avenue entrance to Pizzeria Uno--it is likely the last remnant of the old HoJo's at the site.


Photo ca. 1940s from Sky: July 1997, p. 36: Courtesy of Kevin Cannon
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