Postcard circa 1950s
Bourne, Massachusetts -- address

Built on the Cape side of the bridge in the middle to late 1930s, Bourne was sited to capture motorists going and coming since it was highly visible with its prominent location on the rotary leading to the Bourne Bridge.

A busy location, it once featured a "wing" on the left side of the main building that projected forward rather than to the side (see above postcard view). By Dan's visit in the 1970s, the wing had been removed and the restaurant was wearing its 1960s era exterior complete with a "tower-fin" cupola and Simple Simon and the Pieman weather vane.

Photographs 1977: Courtesy of Dan Donahue

Photograph September, 1988: Courtesy of Larry Cultrera
Photographs 2000: Courtesy of Dan Donahue
After 1985 and the Howard Johnson Company's sale to the Marriott Corporation and Prime Motor Inns, Bourne was converted into Marriott's Bob's Big Boy concept.

With Marriott's change of business plan in the early 1990s, it exited the family restaurant segment causing the closure and conversion of nearly all Big Boys on the East coast.

After yet more change, the circa 1930s former HoJo's amazingly managed to live again as an IHOP!

Photograph March, 2001