Photograph circa 1930s 
Dorchester, Massachusetts -- 744 W. T. Morrissey Blvd.
Built in the 1930s, Dorchester was the first roadside Howard Johnson's to offer full food service to hungry patrons. Prior to Dorchester, roadside "stands" provided a limited menu, and only Mr. Johnson's "store-front" units were full service Restaurants.

Photographs circa 1978: Courtesy of Dan Donahue  (Above: Through the windshield!)

Newspaper clipping: January, 1981: Courtesy of Dan Donahue 
Dorchester met its end in a fiery blaze that may have started in a storage area which held air conditioning equipment. Apparently the Restaurant was not rebuilt. Eventually a hotel was built on its site which briefly used the Howard Johnson name until it was converted into a Quality Inn. Note that the hotel was not a real HoJo's.