Postcard circa 1960s (detail below)
Northampton, Massachusetts -- 163 Conz St (Rt. 5)

According to Howard Johnson's Restaurant directories Northampton opened in March of 1965, and was a classic 1960s Nims type. It was sited for maximum visibility and was easily spotted from a distance with its gleaming Orange Roof.

The unit was built adjacent to the Towne House Motor Lodge with its "61 luxurious rooms and swimming pool." Placement between a popular bowling alley and the motel afforded the HoJo's a steady stream of hungry patrons. The Restaurant lasted until the early 1980s and was possibly converted into a Ground Round.

While both the bowling alley and motel (converted into a Best Western) remained (2005), the Howard Johnson's had been converted into multiple uses not involving food service. It is likely the only former HoJo's to house a plastic surgery clinic and medispa! Additionally its parking lot hosts a freestanding drive-up ATM.


Photograph August 26, 2004