Photograph October 31, 2005
Seekonk, Massachusetts -- 821 Fall River Avenue

The Seekonk complex opened in the spring of 1970. It was a classic Motor Lodge and Restaurant complex, and was always listed in directories as a Providence, Rhode Island area location rather than in the Massachusetts section.

Unfortunately the once pristine Orange Roofed site was converted into a Motel 6. Accor, owner of the Motel 6 brand, totally destroys the facilities it converts. All character is removed and replaced with a cold starkness. As a Motel 6 the former Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge is not a very inviting place--in fact it somewhat resembles a sterile prison block--just without the razor wire topped fence. Moreover the Motor Lodge's Gate Lodge was demolished, and according to P. Warrender the Restaurant was morphed into an unrecognizable form when it became a 99 during the 1990s.