Photo August 2004: Phil Edwards
St. Louis, MO (Creve Coeur) 
 --611 N Lindbergh

Opened in 1955, Creve Coeur may have once been a part of the Giessow family's St. Louis area Howard Johnson's (see Kirkwood and Richmond Heights).

Creve Coeur's last days as a HoJo's were apparently during 1976. By the early 2000s it was a unit of the K. C. Masterpiece Bar and Grill chain. However the KC Masterpiece concept never took off and the former HJ became Watercolors Cafe during 2004.

Left: Although the Restaurant has been considerably altered over the years, several original details survived. The stone facade was likely from the building's HoJo's days, but probably added during a 1960's renovation.

Photos ca. 2000s: Scott Sargent
Photos August 2004: Phil Edwards
Above & Right: Remnants of both decorative concrete block wing walls remained--vestiges of 1950s design!

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