Postcard ca. 1972: Scott Sargent
St. Louis-Airport West, Missouri -- 1425 S Fifth St
St. Charles

An interesting juxtaposition of HoJo's architectural eras was employed at the St. Charles complex. The site began in 1968 with a stand-alone classic Nims-type Restaurant, and then in 1972 the high rise Motor Lodge with its Mansard lobby was opened. The high rise itself offered 150 guest rooms, meeting rooms, heated indoor swimming pool, sauna, and a whirlpool.


Postcard ca. 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive
Brochure ca. 1970s: Dan Donahue
Postcard ca. 1970s: Kummerlowe Archive

Photos August 2004: Phil Edwards
Above: Although converted and converted, the Motor Lodge still retained an original stone facing wall at its lobby as well as a portion of its porcelain enamel tiled Mansard--painted green though.
After its Howard Johnson's days, the property was likely converted multiple times. For example, the Motor Lodge operated as the St. Charles Hotel before becoming a Quality Inn during the early 2000s. Note that the facade of the complex's converted-to-Denny's restaurant appeared remarkably similar to what became of the Lake of the Ozarks unit--thus both Restaurants were probably owned by the same entity or at least at the time of their Denny's conversions.

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