Postcard postmarked December 5, 1963: Kummerlowe Archive
St. Louis-South, MO -- 6929 S. Lindbergh Blvd.

St. Louis-South was among the earliest of standardized Motor Lodge complexes! It opened in 1957 with only 40 guest rooms, and was designed along the lines of plans devised by Rufus Nims and Carl Koch. With its excellent location the facility became integrated into the local community serving numerous capacities throughout the years. For example, in addition to serving the needs of travelers, the site also was a local destination and for may years was a weekly meeting place for a local Lions Club.

The sprawling mostly single level Motor Lodge was expanded to offer 68 guest rooms during the 1960s and topped out at 85 by the end of its life span in 1988. Incredibly long-lived, the Motor Lodge lasted 31 years and even featured an upscale Executive Section at the end of its days.

Postcard postmarked July 9, 1958: Kummerlowe Archive
Back in those heady expansion years of the 1960s C. A. Krater was the owner/operator of St. Louis-South. Following the influence of Rufus Nims, Company architects built upon his ideals in order to better integrate Motor Lodges with Restaurants. Key among Company directives was to have operators use gleaming orange porcelain enamel roof tiles on Gate lodges. Mr. Krater obliged and modified his to include not just the orange tiles, but also referenced Howard Johnson's popular and modern A-frame Gate Lodge design!
Postcard ca. 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
With Howard Johnson's glory days over by the middle 1980s breakup and subsequent liquidation of the Company at the hands of several greedy parties, the vintage complex lasted considerably longer than most. Sprawling, it's property became far more valuable than its operation as a HoJo's or any motel and restaurant. Thus the site was sold, demolished, and subsequently came to be occupied by several commercial establishments--by the 2000s only the recycled towering Trapezoid highway sign remained.
lobby card ca. 1979: Dan Donahue

Photo August 2000: Kummerlowe Archive

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