Photo September 1988: Scott Sargent
Hathaway Hills (St. Louis)
 --U.S. 67 & Jennings Station Rd.
Scheduled to open in 1955, Hathaway Hills might not have started business until 1958. The unit remained until 1984 or '85.

Left & Below: Its arrow sheared off, Hathaway Hill's classic Trapezoid street sign remained standing several years after the Restaurant was closed.

Photo October 1988: Michael Lisicky

Photo November 1987: Scott Sargent
Independence, Missouri -- 408 West US 24 @ Pleasant
Dating from 1956, the stand-alone Independence location had ceased to exist by 1963. At some point the short-lived HJ was recycled into Jim's Family Restaurant. However the location's business eventually fell off and Jim's relocated. The Howard Johnson's building was demolished and by the 2000s a credit union occupied its former site.
Photo ca. 2000s: Phil Edwards

Photo on Flickr posted by plasticfootball
Webster Groves, Missouri
 -- U.S. 67 @ S. Elm St (8609 Watson Rd)

Another St. Louis area Restaurant, Webster Groves opened in about 1956. It was a typical Nims-type with its Dairy Bar to the right. The location apparently lost its Howard Johnson's name in about 1970. The building was at some point recycled into a Steak 'n Shake, but during the middle 2000s the former HJ building was demolished and a new restaurant was built in its place.

Left: Not only did the Steak 'n Shake recycle HoJo's building, it refaced and reused its Trapezoid street sign for many years.

Below: Prior to its demolition, the Webster Groves Steak 'n Shake occupied the Howard Johnson's Nims-type building.

Photo ca. 2000s: Scott Sargent

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