Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Maple Shade, New Jersey -- 531 Route 38 W
AKA Camden or Cherry Hill

Nicely nestled in the midst of a series of highway cloverleaf interchanges not far from the New Jersey Turnpike, the expansive and well-landscaped Camden complex was, for the motorist, visible from nearly all sides. The Motor Lodge was opened in about 1959 and offered some 109 units in its original configuration of one and two story guest buildings. Later the property came to offer 195 guest rooms. Lasting until 1978 as a Howard Johnson's, the site was subsequently altered and became a Quality Inn.

Below: Stationary header dating from the early 1960s.

End of page: Stationary header from the middle to late 1960s.

Postcard circa 1960s: Dan Donahue
Photographs circa 2000s: Tim & Tom Bernert
Above, Below & Lower: By the middle 2000s, two of Camden's original classic guest buildings remained standing but awaited demolition or stuccoed revitalization.
Above, Below & Lower: Camden's central corridor guest buildings were gutted, stuccoed, and otherwise rendered largely unrecognizable.
Above & Below: Its A-frame Gate Lodge and Restaurant demolished, a lobby and function space was added.

Above: Original beamed ceiling in a public space discovered by the brothers Bernert.

Below: Early standardized "studio" guest room with an ultra-modern Bertoia Side Chair at the continuous counter.

Postcard circa 1960s: Kummerlowe Archive
Postcard ca 1960s: Dan Donahue
Right, Below & Lower: Beams removed and balconies enclosed, Camden's rooms as a Quality Inn little resemble their former iterations.
Left: Double room in its middle to late 1960s configuration.
Photos ca. 2000s: Tim & Tom Bernert


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