Advertising Supplement for UNIT Structures Inc. Vol. 161 Number 3
Albany-Thruway, NY
 -- 416 Southern Blvd

Featuring an early A-Frame Gate Lodge and standard Motor Lodge layout, the Albany complex was operating by 1960.

Above, Left & Below: Innovative in its Unit design "the Gate Lodge is an elegant and appealing introduction for Howard Johnson's patrons." The former architectural firm of Bank Building & Equipment Corporation of America based in St Louis, Missouri was responsible for planning the Albany Motor Lodge.

Postcards circa 1960s-1970s: Kummerlowe
Below: The complex in its final expanded form
Photographs circa 1990s: Barry Joy
Photograph May 19. 2002: Kummerlowe

During the early 2000s the Motor Lodge's classic A-Frame Gate Lodge lost its orange roof and was rendered much less HoJo's looking.

Right: One of the original footers could still be spotted behind the wall-o'-stucco.

Below: The original entrance was largely boxed over and a new one was made where a large drive under canopy was added facing Southern Blvd.

Photos 2004: Jack Thomas
Photograph circa 2004: Steven LJ Russo
Photograph circa 2004: Jack Thomas
Photographs May 30, 2005: Phil Edwards

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